Recipe: Pan-grilled tomatoes with feta cheese

tomato feta cheese

I love this recipe simply because it is so simple but the collision of flavours is out of the world. 

The bread I used is Just Olive, which has a good amount of pickled olives and light herbs; it will blend well with grilled cherry tomatoes which have reduced acidity, and the feta cheese provides not just a flavour elevation in the savoury direction, but also increased umami. The hummus/cream cheese is the binding ingredient which brings everything together through a complete, and almost sensual mouth feel. 


  1. Heat up a pan to medium low, add olive oil, add halved cherry tomatoes flesh side down onto the pan, let it sizzle still slightly charred without stirring.

  2. Turn over the tomatoes, sprinkle pinch of salt over the tomatoes, and let it cook on the skin side for 1 min.

  3. Remove cherry tomatoes to cool, they should be soft but not mushy

  4. Spread a layer of hummus/cream cheese on the toast, carefully spoon the tomatoes onto the toast, and add feta cheese over the tomatoes

  5. Option: add freshly chopped sweet basil leaves before serving