Recipe: Butter Mushroom

The idea behind creating Witty Wheat's Cheese Garlic bread is to have a robust sourdough bread that could be eaten on its own. It must be savoury, so cheddar was used, and must be aromatic, thus roasted garlic and mixed herbs were added. But if only life is as straight forward as a slice of bread right?

There are mornings where just, even the nicest slice of bread would not satisfy our mortal needs. Yes, we could eat that slice of gorgeous bread, but we know we want more; we want elevation of taste, we want colours beyond that brown toast, we want to feel excited, and want to feel that yearn to consume, rather than to just eat to get by.

And the answer is toppings! It is quite magical in some sense on how toppings can transform any bread into a delicious meal. With the right toppings, the bread would serve its purpose like a responsible partner in a blissful marriage that satisfy both the the emotional and physical needs. (err.. ok.. but I digressed)

I would like to share one of my favourite toppings for Cheese Garlic bread, sauté butter mushrooms. It is fast, quick and does not require a whole lot of logistics. 

cheese garlic sourdough bread

BREAD: Cheese Garlic

TOPPING: Butter Mushrooms


  1. Heat up a pan to medium high, add olive oil, add quartered (of half cut) mushrooms into the pan, stir fry till mushrooms start to sweat a little

  2. Add in chopped onions and garlic, stir fry till aromatic

  3. Add in butter, let it melt and coat the mushrooms, and lastly just before finishing, add chopped parsley, salt and pepper

  4. Lay your favourite lettuce on the toast and spoon the butter mushrooms over the lettuce, crack more pepper to taste.


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