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Our SD bread are available on selected Saturdays. Flavours are also on monthly rotational basis.

To get advance notice on our available bake days, subscribe to our email list or whatsapp us to be on our broadcast list.

To Sourdough Bread

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Our quality selection of Viennoiseries, Pastries and other premium products from our partners, freshly baked on demand. Available on sourdough bake days.



All our bread are free from added sugar, eggs, dairy*, colouring, additivies, and artifical flavourings

*except bread with cheese

What our customers say about our bakes

... garlic cheese bread is heavy in weight and packs a great garlicky cheesy flavour, definitely will order more from this home based baker who has a great personality and does an honest day's work ! thanks for the good service too !

Weileng L

Delivery was fast .. freshly packed. My first time ordering- it was the BEST sourdough bread the whole family had. Even my fussy eater kids enjoyed it very much

‎Melissa O.

"The dark chocolate chip cookie for the ultimate chocolate lover. It was love at first bite"

Clarice Lam

"Did a groupbuy and also our first time ordering, the feedback was so good and asking for reordering again from neighbours."

"This home baked sourdough is now in our top list."

Yvonne Ang

"The texture was light and not too sweet! We especially loved the dark chocolate chip one"

" I tried the Tomato Olive sourdough. It is amazing !!! I had it with chicken breast and baby spinch for lunch and it was flavourful without overwhelming the tummy."

Cynthia Chng

Very nice biscotti! Especially the Almond Walnut Ginger over a cup of Earl grey tea.

Yvonne Ang

"Best sourdough I've eaten!.. SO GOOD. 10/10 will order again for sure!"

Gwen Ng

"... to my surprise the cookies were soft and flavourful. The ingredients used were of premium quality! Each cookie is relatively big and good for 2 to share..."

Lynn Tan

"Wow! It was insanely mind-blowing!!! That tinge of sea-salt... was so nicely done; it's by far the most tastiest chocolate cookie I have ever had. "

Senthamarai J.